“The Food Trooper is a network of food lovers and Instagram enthusiasts.”

The Food Trooper started off as an Instagram experiment. I wanted to learn about social media and see how many followers I could get. Before long, this experiment grew into something bigger; it became my passion.

I love food and I enjoy hanging out with people who love eating. That’s what The Food Trooper is all about: sharing food experiences and being the friend-who-takes-5-minutes-to-Insta-his-food.

My dream is to taste food from all over the world. But realistically speaking, I can only be at one place, with one mouth, at one time. That’s why I’ve recruited more trooper buddies to help my cause. And together, we will dominate the world – one bite at a time.

Now, to thank the amazing graphic designers who helped make my logo possible:
– Clone trooper design
– Ice cream vector (Freepik)