Halal Hokkien Mee

What makes Hokkien Mee good?

Pork lard.

A lot of pork lard.

So when we found this place serving up halal Hokkien Mee, aka zero pork lard, we had to give it a try.

Hokkien Mee
Halal Hokkien Mee at October Steamboat, Paradigm Mall.

At first glance, the Hokkien Mee looked mediocre.

Instead of slices of pork and generous bits of pork lard, we found an assortment of seafood (shrimp, squid and the likes) tucked underneath the thick strands of yellow noodle – now black from the dark soy sauce.

On to the taste.

Overall, the Hokkien Mee tasted just like any other Hokkien Mee from KL – minus the fragrance of pork lard.

Or so we thought.

Until the chilli paste came onto the scene.


It took the Hokkien Mee to a whole new level. And I daresay, with the chilli paste, this Hokkien Mee tasted better than some KL joints I’ve tried.

Even without the pork lard, the Hokkien Mee packed a punch of flavours.

It ended up tasting a little cleaner and less jelak, which meant you could eat more of it without feeling the heaviness of the dish.

Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

In this case, I mean pork lard.

I retract that statement.

But hey, try out halal Hokkien Mee some time and tell me what you think.


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