My Dream Job, Not

They offered me a head chef position at this fancy Vietnamese restaurant.

When I got there, I realized the job was peeling and chopping garlic.

Half way into my shift, the official garlic peeler and chopper arrived.

I was demoted to dish washer.

Before I got a chance to wash the garlic smell off my hands, a hush descended over the entire kitchen.

Someone had arrived.

“Gordon Ramsay is here.”

“Don’t be stupid, it’s someone even crazier than him.”

“Hey, send the new guy out.”


Well, I thought to myself,

“Nothing could be worse than washing dishes, right?”

Meatball Banh Mi | Avocado Shake

I spent all night fanning the imaginary Emperor of Trooper Land.

With a coriander leaf.

Cause they ran out of banana leaves.

Don’t they know that coriander leaves aren’t thick enough for fanning emperors? At least give me some basil leaves or lettuce if you don’t have banana leaves.

Mental note to self:

Don’t accept a job position without knowing what it entails.

The Food Trooper, thefoodtrooper, Instagram, foodie, foodie pictures, clone trooper, storm trooper, food, star wars

Location: Pho Vietz, Empire Subang
Photo by: Jeremy Ng

Rating: 6.5 (balanced flavours & textures)

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