The Return of The Troopers

Earlier this month, I went home to Penang.

I lost my bag of LEGO troopers.

All the troopers were in the bag.

I guess this was a divine sign that The Food Trooper had finally met its end.

Nasi Kandar at Restoran Darussalam, SS15.

Turns out the troopers were chilling in my friend’s backpack.

Guess The Food Trooper is still here to stay.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. (though I find it rather convenient that way)

The Food Trooper, thefoodtrooper, Instagram, foodie, foodie pictures, clone trooper, storm trooper, food, star wars

Location: Restoran Darusallam, SS15
Photo by: Jeremy Ng

Rating: 5.0 (just not a good nasi kandar)

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