Pappa, I Wish I Were Rich

Pappa, I wish I were rich.

Then I’d spend my days,

Soaking in organic iced chocolate,

Knowing my doing so,

Would be helping cocoa farmers in Equador.


Haha honestly that organic iced chocolate tasted more or less like milo ais.

Anyways, we went to a luncheon today at PappaRich Scott Garden, and got to try some food and meet some cool peeps – shoutout to @larawoon and @sabbyprue!

1.  Braised Chicken Rice


So, this looks exactly like what grandma cooks for lunch (soy sauce chicken).

And it tastes the same.

We also ate a bunch of other stuff (won’t bore you with the pics), but safe to say this was everyone’s favourite.

It really was nothing fancy, just good homecooked food. It’s like the kind of comfort food you’d tapau and eat at home when you miss grandma’s cooking.

2.  Mee Bandung


We were all pretty confused what Mee Bandung was at first, but our conclusion was that it tasted similar to jawa mee, mee rebus or prawn mee.

PappaRich’s Mee Bandung definitely had a nice prawn broth taste.

It seemed a little too sweet at first, but once we added the lime, the flavours came together perfectly.

My lunch is better than yours.

I’ve been back to Malaysia for over 8 months now, and I haven’t really stepped into places like PappaRich or OldTown.

Being away for a few years has made me appreciate Malaysian street food, which is why I’m mostly at mamaks and food stalls by the side of the road.

However, today’s little detour to PappaRich shows that slightly upscale Malaysian food places aren’t all that bad.

Thanks PappaRich for today’s invite, definitely enjoyed the food and the conversations over lunch!

**The Mee Bandung and Braised Chicken Rice will only be available in certain outlets by the 27th of April and available nationwide by 22nd of May.

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Location: PappaRich Scott Garden
Photo by: Jeremy Ng

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