America’s Next Statue

Lady Liberty is turning 130.

I heard she was thinking of retirement.

So I wasn’t one bit surprised when National Park Service called me up for an interview to be America’s next statue.

I was flattered, but slightly daunted.

I wasn’t sure if I could handle all that attention. You know, it might make me shy and turn green like milady.

Anyhow, I took up the challenge and submitted my statue profile.

ng-eagle rock-liberty

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll get a callback. Just waiting for them to process my files and…


Am I holding the torch on the wrong side?

Mr. Photographer, you edited this in post production, right?

Dude, this is my career on the line.

What did you say? I already got a rejection letter? Dang nammit!


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Photo by: Jeremy Ng
Location: Eagle Rock Summit, San Jose, CA

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