I’m a Glutton

I’m not one to brag.

I hate blowing my own horn.

But when others do it for me, what can I say?

People tell me I’m a glutton.


And I couldn’t agree more.

Glut-ton noun
1. a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously.

2. a person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something.

I dream of conquering the world.

And if I do that one bite at a time, it makes sense to take bigger bites, right?

Now, for a game.

No one on Instagram or Facebook guessed the 11 ingredients that went into this loaded grilled cheese sandwich. Here are a few hints:

  • There are 3 cheeses (3 ingredients).
  • Bread does not count as one of the 11 ingredients.
  • I forgot what the green thing at the bottom is, so we’ll just call it guacamole.

There, you already have 1 out 11 ingredients. Guess on!

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Photo by: Jeremy Ng
Location: The Rot, Lynchburg, VA

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